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Our offices

Luxembourg, Montenegro, USA, China

Artec 3D was founded in San Diego, California in 2007. In 2010 the founders set up HQ in Luxembourg. Production lines are also located in Luxembourg. Sales offices and showrooms are in California (USA) and Shanghai (China). In May 2022, Artec 3D opened a new office in Montenegro to attract more talents to its multinational team.

A new European office located on the Adriatic coast in Montenegro, Bar, will serve as a hub for research & development and marketing. The new Montenegro office is an addition to the company’s current locations in the United States, Luxembourg, and China, as well as its network of global authorized resellers.

Products we create

Whole range of 3D scanners and software

Artec 3D’s line of prestigious handheld 3D scanners and precise 3D scanning software is used widely across the globe in a variety of different industries. From assisting researchers on major archaeological projects to helping astronauts train for space travel to creating life-like limbs for amputees, Artec 3D is completely changing the way industries operate, making easier and faster working processes and creating new possibilities.